Policy 5026: Transportation for District Sponsored Activities or Athletic Events

It is expected that where the District provides transportation for students to a school sponsored field trip, athletic event, extracurricular activity, or any other similar event, students will travel to and from the activity or athletic competition with their team or group. The District shall provide transportation back to either the point of departure or to the appropriate school. Each student shall travel to and from the activity or event with the group or team unless:

  • the student's parent/legal guardian provides the District with prior written notice authorizing an alternative form of transportation for such student; or
  • intervening circumstances make such transportation impractical, in which case a representative of the District shall remain with the student until the student's parent/legal guardian has been contacted and informed of the intervening circumstances and the student is delivered to his/her parent/guardian.

A student must remain with the group or team at all times and may not leave the group to meet a parent/legal guardian elsewhere. If the child is not picked up by the designated individual when the bus is ready to depart, the student will return to the District site on the bus. Under no circumstances will student participants be permitted to drive themselves to or from a school sponsored event, in which they are participating and for which the District is providing transportation.

A request for an alternative form of transportation must be made on a District form and submitted to the Athletic Office or School Administrative Office at least 24 hours prior to the activity. In unavoidable situations, the form must be completed at the activity site by the parent and/or legal guardian and provided to the coach or activity supervisor prior to obtaining release of the student. A parent/legal guardian must provide authorization for alternative transportation and complete the requisite form each sport season.

Adopted by Board of Education: November 14, 2012