Regulation 5010: Student Applications To, and Selection Of, Colleges

As part of its role in the college placement process, the guidance department at Horace Greeley High School shall prepare an annual report to the School Superintendent, Board of Education, and community. Such reports shall include information concerning:

  1. Early decision applications and results on a college-by-college basis.
  2. Regular applications and results on a college-by-college basis.
  3. College admissions offices visited by counselors during the previous a twelve months.
  4. Colleges which visited the high school during the previous twelve months.
  5. A summary report on the annual survey of graduates from the fifth year preceding the immediate graduating class.

The counselor's report will be made annually to the Superintendent of Schools and presented to the Board of Education during the first meeting in September.

Administrative Regulation

Approved by Superintendent of Schools: January 30, 1995