Policy 5000: Age of Initial Entrance Into School System


Initial admission to kindergarten of pupils capable of benefitting from instruction shall be solely on the basis of chronological age.

Children reaching the age of five before January 1st of any year will be eligible for kindergarten in the preceding September. Children reaching the age of five on or after January 1st will not enter kindergarten until the following September.

Each child entering kindergarten will be assigned to a particular class and teacher. It is expected that the child will remain with this class and teacher for the school year. Requests for exceptions to this policy will be evaluated by the building administrator based upon the degree of family hardship, class size, and the welfare of the child.

Other Grades

Admission of pupils to other grades shall involve a consideration of both chronological age and the readiness of pupils to do the work of those grades.

Adopted by Board of Education: November 13, 1961

Revised: March 12, 1979