Policy 4005: Elementary and Secondary Curriculum Development

The school district courses of study shall be designed or selected by the instructional staff and administration in accordance with local Board of Education and/or State Education Department mandates.

The staff shall be continuously involved at all levels in the updating and improving of the district's curriculum. The teaching and administrative staff should initiate research into courses of study and design or select programs which will best meet the needs of students.

The administration shall identify procedures for the development or selection and implementation of programs into appropriate curricula.

The Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction shall keep the Board of Education informed of all phases of project design and curriculum development or revision.

The Board of Education shall review new or significant revisions to the curricula.  New District-wide programs of study must be adopted by the Board, and the plans for revision or expansion of program or curriculum shall be made available to all affected staff members.

Curriculum guides shall not limit the individual teacher in the approach to presentation of the required subject matter in a particular class. The individuality of a teacher's implementation, within acceptable educational parameters, is regarded as an important element in creating effective learning situations.

The Board of Education is legally responsible for the selection of instructional materials. It delegates to administration, upon recommendation from faculty, authority for the selection of textbooks, instructional support and library materials.

Adopted by the Board of Education: June 20, 1989

    March 8, 2023