Policy 3025: Authorization To Execute Idea Resolution Settlements

The Board of Education recognizes that in accordance with the Federal IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) legislation, there are specific situations in which designated district representatives may need to execute a settlement agreement on behalf of the Board.

The Board of Education hereby designates the Director of Special Education and Related Services or the Acting Director of Special Education and Related Services in his or her absence, as the District representative at last chance resolution sessions or mediation sessions required by the IDEA. The Board further authorizes the designee to execute settlement agreements on behalf of the District, following consultation with the Superintendent of Schools, where practicable.

Upon the execution of any settlement agreement as described above, the Superintendent and the Board of Education shall be immediately notified of the contents of any settlement agreement. In accordance with IDEA, the District may void the agreement within three (3) business days of its execution.

Adopted by the Board: December 20, 2005