Regulation 2060: Administering Board Policy On Open Discussion of Public Issues

The Board of Education believes that it is the responsibility of the Chappaqua Central School District to support and provide opportunities for open discussions of current political, social, economic, health, scientific and other public issues. The Board further believes that it shall be the responsibility of the administration to supervise presentation and discussions of such issues as special events, programs, and assemblies, and to see that an effort is made to offer a reasonable, respectful, and balanced exchange of ideas at that time or thereafter.

Towards that end, the following regulations will govern the administrative activities to ensure that Board goals are met in a timely manner:

  1. Each building administrator should inform their faculty, and in particular, those supervising such activities, that there needs to be a sensitivity to the contents of such presentations, and in the case where issues might be controversial, have a plan to ensure that an effort is made to offer a reasonable, respectful and balanced exchange of ideas at that time or thereafter.
  2. Public issues suggested by non-school personnel will be entertained at the discretion of the building administrator and only when such would compliment the existing K-12 school curriculum and goals of the district.
  3. For major school events, as determined by the building administrator, an advance mailing may be sent to all parents of students who may be involved in, or scheduled/invited to, such activities. The notice would include a description of the activities planned and the major topics and choices that students may have for that particular day. An example would be the annual Senior Health Day.
  4. Speakers at Chappaqua Central School District programs and assemblies shall not provide written materials for sale nor solicit orders from students for said material at any school district sponsored event. Materials not for sale but which the speaker wishes to distribute must be reviewed prior to the program or assembly by the appropriate building administrator

Administrative Regulation

Approved by Superintendent of Schools: October 30, 1995

Revised: June 12, 2002