A message from the Board of Education

January 19, 2021

Dear Chappaqua Central School District Community,

The District is deeply committed to educating all students who reside in our community. However we also share the concerns expressed by many members of our community regarding the proposed zoning approach for the Chappaqua Hamlet called a Form-Based Code (“FBC”) and the potential impact of large-scale developments on the school district using this code structure.

As you know from our previous communication on November 23, 2020, the Board of Education secured a consultant team to analyze the impact of the FBC on the school district’s projected enrollment, building capacity, and budget.

Our data analysis with our consultants is still in process. The District and Town Board held a joint meeting on January 13, 2021 to hear the consultants’ initial findings. As stated at that meeting, and at our Board meeting immediately following the joint work session, this was the initial presentation of data. The Board will be providing the consultants with feedback and clarifying questions so that all relevant data and information is included in a final document that best represents the potential impacts of the draft FBC on the school district. This final document will be shared with the Town Board for its consideration, and also with the community.

You can watch the presentation that was given at our January 13th regular business meeting below, or view our slides here, to understand the scope of the consultants work and their analysis.

CCSD Enrollment & Capacity Analysis

We encourage you to continue sharing your feedback on the FBC directly with the Town Board. In addition to their public hearings, The Town is also accepting written comments at either publiccomment@mynewcastle.org or chappaquaforward@mynewcastle.org.

You can review all of the public comments that have been submitted, including all of the letters between the District and the Town, at this link.

As interested community members, we urge you to stay informed on these important developments and make your voices heard. Please know that we are focused on ensuring that all of our CCSD students receive the best public education possible.


The Chappaqua Central School District Board of Education

Victoria Bayard Tipp, President
Holly McCall, Vice President
Hilary Grasso, Member
Warren Messner, Member
Jane Kimmel Shepardson, Member