Minutes April 8, 2015


Chappaqua, New York



April 8, 2015



7:30 p.m.



Ed. Center



Board of Education
Karen Visser, President
Alyson Gardner, Vice President
Victoria Tipp
Warren Messner
Jeffrey Mester


Staff Members

Dr. Lyn McKay, Superintendent

Mr. Eric Byrne, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Mr. John Chow, Assistant Superintendent for Business

Mr. Andrew Selesnick, Assistant Superintendent for Leadership Dev. & HR

Theresa Markley, District Clerk / Adm. Asst. to Superintendent


Visitors Present:

Representatives of the Chappaqua PTA, school PTAs, building administrators, faculty, and other interested citizens.


President Visser called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Warren Messner moved to enter into Executive Session to discuss negotiations. Alyson Gardner seconded. The motion passed unanimously. At 7:40 p.m. Warren Messner moved to adjourn Executive Session and reconvene public meeting.

Pledge of Allegiance - led by Vice President Alyson Gardner

President Visser welcomed our guests from Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES:

Assistant Superintendent for Administration John McCarthy, Student of Distinction Kevin O'Brien, and Kevin's teacher, Deb Ashley

John McCarthy noted that approximately twelve of these awards are given out each year from the student population of 1200. He introduced Deb Ashley who provided some background on Kevin such as his amazing knowledge in environmental science and his internship at the Greenburgh Environmental Center. Kevin sees problems and jumps into solve them. He cares about making this world sustainable and healthy and towards that end, has been able to complete some college credits as part of the Vision Program. Kevin spoke to his goals and the value of the internship program. President Visser thanked them for coming and thanked his parents.

Jeffrey Mester, a member of the BOCES Board explained that he usually deals with administrative issues and he thanked Kevin for sharing is student accomplishments. He also mentioned that he had attended the Service Award Dinner to promote the many services that PNWBOCES provides and noted the gift that was produced by a student, a small plaque with a wheel, "Service and Innovation through Partnership - We can do that."

President Visser asked Assistant Superintendent for Business John Chow to continue with his presentation.


Revenue / Tax Rates / Contingency

John began with the superintendent's proposed budget of $117,901,688 for an increase of .89%. He reviewed the proposed revenue sources and general fund revenues. People are buying more and the sales taxes have increased. The district finalized a contract with the Town that will save us money on building and grounds usage of facilities. John explained the large categories of revenues with a comparison over last year. Because we are getting less building aid, we are actually allowed a larger tax cap of 2.3%. The district uses two equalization rates: Town of New Castle is a minus -1.67% and Town of Mt. Pleasant is .62%. Total estimated tax assessment for the Town of New Castle is .003 and Town of Mt. Pleasant is 1.22%. He pointed out that the district has no control over tax rates, only control on budget and tax levy. He also noted that this is the first year the Veterans Tax Exemption went into effect. John also explained how the Contingency budget is reached and will go over the Budget Notice next week after the budget is adopted. He also explained the proposition for renovating the Horace Greeley cafeteria and purchasing new equipment using cafeteria lunch funds that will not increase or have any effect on budget, but voter approval is needed to authorize construction of any project over $100,000. He also explained that the cafeteria lunch funds cannot be used for anything else but the cafeteria.

The board thanked the administrators for keeping the program and moving forward with innovative programs.


Information Business Affairs


President's Report


Welcome back.

President Visser welcomed everyone back. She hoped that everyone had a good time visiting family and there was no snow.


"A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" is a celebration of all our kids sponsored by the Special Ed PTA and the Town / Chamber in downtown Chappqua, this Saturday, April 11. Dr. McKay and McCarthy will be giving their time for this. Lyn will be at Sherry b's from 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


Superintendent's Report


Summer Plans for Teachers and Students

Dr. McKay asked Eric Byrne to report on district plans. Eric reported there were some plans for writers camps, robotics camp, and a roll out of elementary math for elementary teachers, and a high school math institute. We have advanced Technology Fellowes who will study enhanced instruction in technology for students. Two days of special technology are planned for July or August for teachers. Plans are being made for Teacher Action Research Programs, innovation Fellowes, and Technology Fellowes, Teachers take the learning from their professional development and use it with the students who learn from this type of feedback.



Questions and Comments

We welcome public inquiries, and in respect for each other's time, we ask that you limit your inquiry to three minutes. Board members may be contacted via email or phone.





Jeffrey Mester asked to table the Minutes of February 25, 2015. Alyson Gardner seconded. The motion passed unanimously.


Jeffrey Mester moved to approve the Minutes of March 11, 2015. Victoria Tipp seconded. The motion passed unanimously.


Recommended Action: Personnel


Recommended Action: Other


Warren Messner moved to approve gift of $650 from Greeley Class of 1989 to be used for mindfulness training and programs for Coordinator of Student Life. Victoria Tipp seconded. The motion passed unanimously.


Alyson Gardner moved to approve gift of $693.36 from Target to be deposited in district account for sustainable energy projects. Jeffrey Mester seconded. The motion passed unanimously.


Warren Messner moved to approve gift of $845.92 from Greeley Sports Boosters to HG Athletic Department to purchase four metal portable baseball benches.Victoria Tipp seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

President Visser thanked all for their generous gifts.




President Visser announced that there will be a Facility Meeting on Friday, April 9, at 7:00 a.m.






Notice of Future Meetings -

Wednesday, April 15, 2015, at Horace Greeley High School, 7:30 p.m.

Adopt Budget for 2015-2016




At 8:57 p.m. Jeffrey Mester moved to adjourn the meeting. Alyson Gardner seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Theresa Markley, District Clerk / Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Karen Visser, Board President